Whom Shall I Fear (Original) - Painting - [product-vendor] - Chou Sauvage
Whom Shall I Fear (Original) - Painting - [product-vendor] - Chou Sauvage

Whom Shall I Fear (Original)

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Shannon McBride : Mother nature will prevail. An exploration of the fissures, cracks and potholes that provide evidence of her persistence. 

This body of work was created in response to the United States election in November of 2016. Like many others in my country I was disappointed, confused and despondent after the election. Running is a release for me and I found myself on my daily runs pondering the current state of affairs in the US and the World.  Although not a one issue voter, climate change has always been a huge concern. In my despair I started noticing all the fissures, potholes and cracks in the roads I would run on daily. I have a propensity to see the beauty in what others see as a nuisance or ugly.  These potholes and cracks in the road represented hope in my eyes. Mother Nature will prevail despite all the damage humanity has done.  We can pave over her, drill for oil in our oceans and strip the lands of trees, but Mother Nature will break through eventually.  She will create fissures, muster up the cracking of the roads and provide opportunities for a small seed to grow and continue the reclaiming process.

  • Acrylic paint, paint pen, oil pastel and gesso on archival paper
  • Signed by the artist with C.o.A. (Certificate of Authenticity) 
  • 2016 22" by 22" (56 cm by 56 cm)
  • Evidence series 
  • Sold as flat original work
  • Shipped flat in box
  • Artist: Shannon McBride