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    Amélie Grooscors : A highly textured piece presented horizontally, this abstract landscape is reminiscent of the moving and flowing waters of the river. Dark hues of ultramarine blue, blacks, dark teal, and emerald green compete against hues of gold and copper to create a vibrantly organic pattern. Hints of white and beige calm the piece from its natural intensity. This is a truly moving and poignant art piece of quiet splendor suitable for bold spaces.
    • Highest quality canvas print
    • Signed by the artist with C.o.A. (certificate of authenticity)
    • Chou Sauvage Series, 2017
    • Limited Edition Series of 50
    • 15" by 24" (38 cm by 61 cm) 
    • Sold as flat canvas sheet for framing or mounting
    • Shipped in tube
    • Artist: Amélie Grooscors