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Letting Go (Original)
Letting Go (Original)

Letting Go (Original)

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Shannon McBride : After 50 years of being in the service of others as daughter, wife, mother, volunteer and teacher, I’ve finally claimed my own space both figuratively and actually.  Years ago I turned my son’s room into a studio, but to be honest I was not committed to my work.  Everything and everyone else took priority over my own need to create. A series of events in 2016 sparked a creative surge which continues to this day, with a daily practice of painting. The freedom I feel in the studio pushing paint around and manifesting the world around me in color, line, texture and shapes brings me joy beyond measure. I’ve finally claimed MY space as an artist.

  • Acrylic paint, graphite, and gesso on archival paper
  • Signed by the artist with C.o.A. (Certificate of Authenticity) 
  • 2017 28" by 18" (71 cm by 46 cm)
  • Claiming Space series 
  • Sold as unframed original work
  • Shipped flat in box
  • Artist: Shannon McBride