Our Story

Art should mean something. Art should make you feel something. Art should be available to all.

At Chou Sauvage (pronounced 'shoo-so-vaj'), we believe in the democratization of art  - everyone should be able to easily purchase artwork.  Without being faced with intimidation or pretentious attitudes, people should be able to peruse works of art and find something affordable with which they can connect.  No more leaving prices to the imagination.  Each and every piece of art hanging on our virtual walls, not only has clear pricing, but can also be conveniently purchased right here online and delivered to your doorstep. Imagine that!

Art comments on the society in which we live, the world that we all share together, the events that shape our lives, and even the future that awaits us...art is powerful and can energize your living or work space with emotions that can fuel you throughout the day.  Chou Sauvage exists to share such works with you.