Our Process

We find art that moves us. We pay attention. We fall in love. We want you to fall in love, too.
What is written about each piece of art in our gallery, is in the words of the artist. We want to give you a glimpse inside the minds of this select group of artists. We also allow them to set their pricing and everything involved with the sale of their works. We handle the marketing, platform and customer relations. We will always offer variety in our selection and value that is proven. We represent artists who live to create. They could not live without creating art. For decades, people have gravitated towards their work. Chou Sauvage artists span the globe - from NYC to Bangkok - but they are all connected by our humble online gallery. Welcome. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Printing and Framing

Printing and framing are handled by the artist, unless otherwise specified. In which case, Chou Sauvage handles printing and framing in house, but operates under the artist’s direction entirely.
Color Selection for Printing Fine Art
Printing is not an option for every original artwork hanging in our online gallery. It is at the artist’s discretion whether or not to offer a limited series edition of a piece.
Framing Fine Art
Framing is not always offered for a piece. This is the decision of the artist, as well.
If you would like to know whether or not a piece can be offered in a particular size or with a frame, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@chousauvage.com


Embellishment means that the artist adds some unique post-printing marks to the piece. This not only adds value to the limited edition print, but it also add an aesthetic quality to it that is quite pleasing.


Original means that it is a one of a kind truly unique handmade work of fine art. Some of the originals on are site are offered in limited edition reproduction series, but not all.

Shipping and Distribution

In most scenarios, shipping and distribution are handled by the artist. If not, they are handled by a third party hired by us. The same return and refund policies apply either way.
Shipping Fine Art in Tubes or Boxes
To learn more please visit Shipping & Returns.