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Quiet teal

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    Amélie Grooscors : Quiet Teal is a calm and soothing abstract piece that elevates the mood with its meditative and vernal colors. Teal, greens, soft blue, peaches, and pinks make for an airy yet balanced piece where plant and flower commingle effortlessly. The soft hints of organic rust can bring out the beauty of natural wood or leather in your decor, and its horizontal shape fits perfectly in any number of spaces in your home or office.
    • Highest quality canvas print
    • Signed by the artist with C.o.A. (certificate of authenticity)
    • Chou Sauvage Series, 2017
    • Limited Edition Series of 50
    • 15" by 21" (38 cm by 53 cm) 
    • Sold as flat canvas sheet for framing or mounting
    • Shipped in tube
    • Artist: Amélie Grooscors

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